NisonCo Announces Pro Bono PR Services For Movements And Business Practices That Advance Social Justice

NisonCo's pro bono PR program seeks to advance highly-socially impactful programs in the cannabis industry.

Sometimes people forget the cannabis industry was created by a social movement.

It took decades of fighting by people who care about nothing but social justice and fairness, often risking arrest or other violent action by law enforcement, to get where we are.

Now that we are here, brought upon the shoulders of these advocates, it’s important to remember the birth of this industry was not and should not be the sole goal.

We have a unique opportunity to not just create an industry, but to create a model industry that can work in service of community needs instead of against them, and reduce harms in our society instead of exacerbating them.

NisonCo’s roots lie firmly in the activist movements that preceded this industry. Many of our teammates have lobbied and organized for legalization, and against the punishment and incarceration of people for using cannabis.

Connecting industry leaders to journalists and giving legitimacy to the industry as a whole has been incredibly rewarding, and we’ve reached a point where we’re ready to do more to make sure the industry embodies the values and principles of the movements that started it.

NisonCo is looking to advance programs in the cannabis industry with high social impact

As one of many steps we will take toward this goal, we are announcing a new initiative to provide pro bono public relations services to movement groups, exemplary members of the cannabis industry, and others whose efforts to build a more just and inclusive world deserve more attention.

We encourage all businesses, organizations, and individuals who are taking new and innovative approaches to ameliorate harm and advancing social equality to contact us and apply. We hope to elevate and promote their work to encourage others to follow in their footsteps.

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Evan Nison is the founder of NisonCo Marketing PR & SEO firm, which was the first cannabis-specific PR firm in the country. NisonCo has a proven track record of successful political advocacy and policy change supporting the legalization of marijuana and other causes. These same capabilities have helped our clients in multiple sectors build, secure, and increase brand awareness in a constantly shifting cultural landscape.