Introducing the NisonCo Cannabis Industry Roll-Up YouTube Series

We’re excited to introduce our new NisonCo Cannabis Industry Roll Up YouTube video series. This series of videos is meant to help educate and bring members of the cannabis industry and legalization movement together. While we are not able to physically be in person during events this year, we are still actively looking for ways to get our industry minds together to make great things happen. 

In this video, Rich DiGregorio and Beth Adan, co-hosts of Cannabis Industry Roll Up, interview NisonCo Founder Evan Nison about his expertise in the cannabis industry and reasons for starting this video series. Watch the video below to learn more!

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Beth is the Director of Marketing for NisonCo PR. She has been in PR, marketing, and branding since 2011 and has a long-term track record of proven PR wins. She provides high-level media coverage and cannabis industry strategy for her clients, and her passions in the green market are consumer culture, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility.