Ultimate List of Plant-Based & Vegan Conferences, Events and Festivals 2022

Ultimate List of Plant-Based & Vegan Conferences, Events and Festivals 2022
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Vegan conferences and plant-based events draw a diverse, eco-conscious crowd every year. Some attendees go to enjoy delicious food, or are curious about a plant-based lifestyle. Others attend conferences and expos because they are interested in activism, environmentalism, healthcare, nutrition, and the future of a rapidly growing plant-based industry. Whether you attend in-person vegan events to eat or virtual summits to learn, this comprehensive conference list will help you choose the best plant-based event for your goals.  

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Conference Location Date
Fort Meyers Veg Fest 2022 Fort Myers, FL 01/09/22
Travelling in a New Vegan World ’22 Virtual 01/15/22
Veggienale & FairGoods Berlin 2022 Berlin, Germany 01/22/22
VEGPRENEUR Summit 2022 Virtual 01/29/22
Gainesville Veg Fest Gainesville, FL 02/06/22
Rhode Island Veg Fest Providence, RI 02/12/22
Southwest Florida Veg Fest Bonita Springs, FL 02/13/22
Charlotte County Veg Fest Punta Gorda, FL 02/27/22
Ocala Veg Fest Ocala, FL 03/06/22
VeganFest 2022 Brno, Czech Republic  03/12/22
Savannah Veg Fest Savannah, GA 03/20/22
Veggienale & FairGoods Nuremberg 2022 Nuremberg, Germany 04/02/22
Wake Forest Veg Fest Wake Forest, NC 04/03/22
The Vegan Women Summit 2022 Los Angeles, CA 04/08/22
Irish Vegan Festival Belfast, Ireland, U.K. 04/10/22
The Himalayan Vegan Festival Kathmandu, Nepal 04/15/22
Plantarion Fundraiser Veg Fest Washington, DC 04/16/22
St. Augustine Veg Fest St. Augustine, FL 04/16/22
The Himalayan Vegan Festival Thimphu, Bhutan 04/18/22
International Conference on Animal-Free Agriculture and Vegan Permaculture Boston, MA 4/21/22
The Vegan Climate Summit Virtual 04/22/22
Michiana VegFest 2022 South Bend, IN 04/24/22
Big Vegan Market Melbourne, Australia 05/07/22
The Reducetarian Summit San Francisco, CA  5/12/22
Vegfest 2022 Seattle, WA 05/14/22
Veggienale & FairGoods Freiburg 2022 Freiburg, Germany 05/14/22
Plant-based Prevention of Disease (P-POD) Annual National Conference 2022 Detroit, MI 5/21/22
The Plant Powered Show 2022  Cape Town, South Africa & Virtual 05/27/22
Gateway to Compassion Fest St. Louis, MO 05/28/22
Morecambe Vegan Festival Morecambe, England, U.K. 06/05/22
Kansas City VegFest Kansas City, MO 06/11/22
Plant Based Beer, Bourbon, & BBQ Festival 2022 Franklinton, NC 06/18/22
Plant-based Prevention of Disease (P-POD) Annual National Conference 2022 Raleigh, NC & Virtual 06/25/22
Mountain Veg Fest 2022 Lebanon, NH 06/25/22
Just V Show 2022 London, England, U.K. 07/01/22
West Yorkshire Vegan Festival 2022 Huddersfield, England, U.K. 07/03/22
Bluegrass VegFest 2022 Louisville, KY 07/09/22
Erie Veg Fest 2022 Erie, PA 07/24/22
Welsh Vegan Festival 2022 Cardiff, Wales, U.K. 08/07/22
The Woodstock Fruit Festival Camp Walden, NY 8/21/22
Chester Vegan Festival 2022 Chester, England,  U.K. 08/21/22
West Virginia Veg Fest 2022 Morgantown, WV 08/28/22
Triangle VegFest 2022 Festival Day Durham, NC 08/28/22
Vegan Fam Festival 2022 Larnaka, Cyprus 09/10/22
International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference 2022 Palm Desert, CA 9/16/22
Brisbane Vegan Expo Brisbane, Australia 09/17/22
Charlotte Vegfest 2022 Charlotte, NC 09/17/22
Veggienale & Fairgoods Stuttgart 2022 Stuttgart, Germany 09/17/22
Plant-based Prevention of Disease (P-POD) Annual National Conference 2022 Atlanta, GA 10/TBD/22
VegFest OKC Oklahoma City, OK 10/8/22
Raleigh Veg Fest 2022 Raleigh, NC 11/06/22
Englewood Veg Fest 2022 Englewood, FL 12/11/22


We constantly update this list with new vegan events and plant-based conferences. Check back regularly to see more plant-based conferences and festivals as the dates are released.  In the meantime, if you’re interested in checking out some local vegan food options, or want to take a stab at making your own vegan treats, our blog has some great resources you can access here.

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