The Best Medical SEO Keywords and Phrases for 2022

A doctor uses a cellphone. They have a stethoscope hanging around their neck and are wearing a lab coat.
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Why is Medical SEO Important?

A majority of adults use the web to access medical information. A recent survey confirms four out of five U.S. web users have searched for medical information in the past year. How do medical providers drive search engine traffic to their websites?

Medical providers must utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to attract web users accessing medical information. SEO is the development of content that increases rankings in organic web searches. Medical providers need keyword research to start developing SEO content.

NisonCo recently conducted keyword research on behalf of medical providers. The list of medical SEO keywords below gives medical providers the ability to develop SEO content:


Best General SEO Keywords for Medical Providers 

Keyword research gives medical providers a list of the most popular terms and phrases utilized by web users searching for medical information. You will find a list below of the most popular search terms and phrases. The list also includes the monthly search volume for the keywords.

Medicaid 301,000
Medical 135,000
Medical supply store near me   110,000
Medical assistant  90,500
Medical center   60,500
Medical insurance  49,500
Medical marijuana  40,500
Medical terminology  40,500
Medical clinic  33,100
Medication  33,100
Animal medical center  27,100
Medical solutions  27,100
Medical school  22,200
Medical weightloss  22,200
Medical clinic near me  18,100


Best Medication SEO Keywords for Medical Providers 

Web users searching for medical information often use keyword terms and phrases related to medications for specific indications. Most search for indications like “anxiety,” “Adhd,” and “depression.” All keyword phrases listed below combine the condition and search term “medication.” Here is a list of the top keywords used while searching for information on medications:

Anxiety medication  110,000
Adhd medication  74,000
Depression medication  33,100
Nausea medication  33,100
Anti nausea medication  27,100
Blood pressure medication  27,100
High blood pressure medication 27,100
Migraine medication 27,100
Thyroid medication 27,100
Bipolar medication 18,100
Gout medication 18,100
Herpes medication 18,100
Lithium medication  18,100
Soma medication  18,100
Acne medication  14,800

Best Medical Company SEO Keywords for Medical Companies 

Often, web users who need medical information use keywords for medical companies providing specific services. Most use terms for services like “insurance,” “device,” and “billing.” Here are the most popular keywords used while searching for medical companies:

Medical insurance companies  6,600
Medical device companies 4,400
Medical supply company  4,400
Medical billing company  2,900
Medical service company  2,900
Medical supply company near me  2,400
Medical company  1,000
Top medical device companies  1,000
Medicaid companies  880
Medical waste disposal companies  880
Medical equipment companies  720
Medical transportation companies  720
Medical alert companies  590
Medical marketing companies  590
Medical software companies  590


Best Medical Insurance SEO Questions for Medical Providers 

Medical providers require insurance to cover the cost of most medical services. For that reason, web users often use the keyword phrase “medical insurance” while searching for medical information. Here are the most popular keywords used while searching for medical insurance: 

Does Washington require medical insurance  4,400
Does medical insurance cover hearing test  3,600
Is hearing covered by medical insurance  3,600
How to get cheap medical insurance  2,900
Is cataract covered under medical insurance  1,900
How much is medical insurance  1,600
How to get medical insurance  1,300
Where can I go for medical care  1,300
Does insurance cover medical marijuana  1,000
How to get dental implants covered by medical insurance  1,000
Is medical marijuana covered by insurance  1,000
How much does medical insurance cost  720
How much is a medical checkup without insurance  720
How to apply for medical insurance  720
Is medical insurance tax deductible  720


Best Medical Center SEO Keywords for Medical Providers 

Web users search for service providers while accessing medical information. Most users search for specific medical providers like “Cedars-Sinai,” “Tufts,” or “Beth Israel.” All of the most popular keywords include the phrase “medical center.”

Medical center  60,500
Cedars-sinai medical center  49,500
Baylor scott & white medical center  33,100
Beth israel deaconess medical center  33,100
Loma linda university medical center  33,100
Tufts medical center  33,100
Animal medical center  27,100
Boston medical center  27,100
Cedars sinai medical center  27,100
Hackensack university medical center  27,100
Lexington medical center  27,100
Mercy medical center  27,100
Sanitas medical center  27,100
Ucla medical center  27,100
Valley medical center  27,100


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