Are These 4/20 Marketing Tactics on Your Cannabis Brand’s Radar?

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Everyone in the cannabis industry knows that April 20 — lovingly coined ‘4/20’ — is the biggest yearly sales holiday for businesses and consumers. Recreational customers enjoy sales and promotions on their favorite products or use holiday discounts to discover something new. 

How can your cannabrand cash in on the 4/20 holiday rush? Maybe you’re interested in marketing or SEO services to help improve your dispensary rankings, or you’re after CBD SEO services for your business to increase conversions.


Five 420 Cannabis Marketing, PR and SEO Tips 

Whatever your cannabiz needs, we’re here to support you in getting there. Our team of experts can help you prepare for and get where you need to be for 4/20/23!

First, let’s discuss some things you can do independently to prepare for a 4/20 marketing push. Don’t neglect the basics when planning for the holiday, as they can significantly impact engagement and conversions.


1. Ensure Your Local SEO is Up to Snuff

If your target audience can’t easily find you, they will be less inclined to participate in your promotion or access your products or services. Make sure your local SEO is up to date in time for the holiday push. Double-check that your organization’s Google My Business (GMB) is set up. You can confirm your business with Google through a phone call or a postcard with a verification code.

These steps will enable you to appear in search results containing important information such as hours, address, phone number, reviews and more. As a result, your customers will easily find your business to access your products and services. 


2. Create a Holiday Landing Page 

Create a landing page for 4/20 as a cannabis brand or dispensary and update it annually with current promotions, containing links to related content such as gift guides, best products of the year listicles, and so on. It’s essential to ensure all the content on your website’s landing page is optimized well before the holiday season to give time to rank for organic search results.


3. Have Easy-to-Find FAQs and Reviews Sections

Include an FAQ section that answers customer questions about holiday promos and popular products. Optimize the page for your brand or dispensary’s keywords your target audience is searching for.

Product landing pages should include a reviews section for users to view recent consumer feedback. Reviews sections can inspire trust in a consumer since it provides third-party input on a product or service. 


4. Get Placement in 420 Gift Guides

A great way to market your brand during the stoner holiday is to get your products or

services in a gift guide, which creates valuable backlinks to your website. Engage a successful cannabis PR firm like NisonCo to help pitch your products for these guides. For ten years, our agency has matched cannabis journalists to great cannabrands in celebration of the greenest holiday of the year.

 Our marketing team can help you land placement in top-tier 420 gift guides this year.


5. Use the Power of Social Media and Email 

Once you’re on the map and content is taken care of, consider using another powerful tool in your SEO and marketing strategy: your social media accounts. Running a giveaway on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tiktok is a fun and sure way to engage with your target audience, broaden your reach on social media, and get the news out about your 4/20 promo.

Make a post with two or three basic instructions to enter, such as: share this post on your story, tag two friends, follow this account, leave a review, etc., to engage your audience and get them to interact with the post. Using your social media channels provides you with free marketing from your following. 

Promote your giveaway through an email campaign, using your email subscriber network to your advantage to broaden the message’s reach.

Note not all media platforms are cannabis-friendly and limitations exist, so be sure to consult with a top-tier cannabis marketing agency like NisonCo to ensure posts are compliant with the platform and advertising rules.

If your dispensary or cannabrand needs 4/20 marketing services, is new to cannabis SEO, or requires website-building services — we’re here to help! It’s best to plan your 420 marketing push sooner rather than later. Contact NisonCo today for more information about our services. Our team has years of experience developing marketing campaigns and SEO strategies and improving rankings for clients, and we are committed to helping your cannabis business flourish.

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Olivia Swann specializes in research, writing, and education. She is a lover of travel and yoga; and is passionate about social equity and drug policy reform.