The 10 Best Social Justice Podcasts for Advocacy-Minded Business Pros


Advocacy-minded entrepreneurs should listen to these social justice podcasts to help expand their horizons. 

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Podcast audiences have grown continually over the past several years, with shows covering everything from comedy to plant-based living. Podcasts are an excellent way to brush up on your knowledge of topics you’re interested in, connect with an audience, or spread the word about one of your passions. 

As a public relations firm with a background in advocacy, we’re huge fans of social justice podcasts. Today, we’re sharing a few of our favorites.

Check out the Spotify playlist here if you’re ready to listen to sample episodes.


1. People are the Answer

This show covers topics relating to social entrepreneurship. Every episode, host Jeffrey M. Zucker is joined by innovative thinkers in the collaborative social justice sphere to discuss their work and their journeys to create change. Read Jeffrey Zucker’s article for Rolling Stone, How Aligning Business Incentives With Social Impact Could Change Legal Cannabis, to look into his unique perspective regarding advocacy-centered entrepreneurship.


2. The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

In this podcast, host Cory Ames and episodic guests discuss the ins and outs of sustainable and socially responsible businesses, organizations, and nonprofits. More than 1,700 listeners tune in to each episode. 


3. Dollars and Change

Here, Wharton professor Katherine Klein welcomes guests from big-name companies to discuss the roles and applications of social responsibility in business. “Dollars and Change” offers more than 2,000 active listeners the chance to learn from academics and industry professionals. 


4. The Sustainability Story

“The Sustainability Story” discusses the intersections of business and social responsibility, from environmental initiatives to impact investing and everything in between. In each episode, thought leaders join host Matt Orsagh to share insights with over 2,500 listeners. 


5. Doin’ The Work: Frontline Stories of Social Change

This podcast, hosted by Shimon Cohen, highlights the stories of those working on the frontline to create social change and further racial, social, and economic justice. Each episode reaches more than 3,400 socially-conscious listeners. 


6. Undesign: A Social Change Podcast

On this podcast, host Kosta Lucas and guests talk about our society’s social challenges and how we can create a more just and inclusive future. “Undesign” has seen guest speakers from big-name companies and fellow social justice organizations. Upwards of 4,500 listeners tune in to each episode. 


7. Disruptors for Good

Host Grant Trahant talks with entrepreneurs and businesspeople heading brands and companies dedicated to positively impacting the world on “Disruptors for Good.” Each episode garners more than 4,500 listeners. 


8. The Will to Change

Host Jennifer Brown talks with business leaders about diversity, equity, and inclusion topics in this show. “The Will to Change” brings a blend of practical advice and inspiring stories to over 5,500 listeners with each episode. 


9. Built for Change

Co-hosts Elise Hu and Josh Klein discuss the changing social landscape and talk with business leaders reimagining their respective industries on “Built for Change.” Their insightful conversations reach over 11,000 listeners every episode. 


10. All Inclusive with Jay Ruderman

This podcast brings together diverse guests for interviews with influential speakers on inclusion, social justice, and innovation in various industries. Each episode sees a new topic and upwards of 72,000 listeners. 


Check out the Spotify playlist here for a sample of each episode.


Would You Like Help Getting Interviewed on an Advocacy or Social Justice Podcast?

Whether you are a thought leader in a future-facing industry like cannabis or psychedelics or work directly in advocacy and social justice, landing a guest spot on a socially-minded podcast can be invaluable in spreading the word about your mission. 

A PR and marketing agency with a history in this industry can help. Contact NisonCo today to learn more about how we can help you get your story heard on an influential podcast. 

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