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Marissa Smith is the Managing Editor at NisonCo. She travels endlessly, questions tirelessly, and is passionate about food, foraging, puzzling and adventuring.

As marketing professionals representing clients in the cannabis and psychedelic spaces, we know firsthand the stigma of association. These industries are rife with misconceptions, and a handful of team members at our cannabis and psychedelic agency are ready to quash some of these myths.   Cannabis marketing professionals are just that — Professional Good Highdeas…

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Photo by Markus Winkler We can all agree: it has been a hard year. Headlines like “Pizza, Alcohol and Cannabis Sales Skyrocketed During Election” really say it all. We have been exhausted by a global pandemic, depressed by the economy and flustered by politics, so let’s have a few laughs — shall we?One of the…

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