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Our team members have been working on drug policy and laws surrounding psychedelics for nearly a decade, and have deep connections in the psychedelic world.

Promote Groundbreaking Psychedelic Medicines

Depression, PTSD, and substance use disorders (DPS) are some of the most common medical disorders, and there are groundbreaking studies suggesting psychedelic medicines might help people who have them.

Over 75 percent of people with DPS are inadequately treated with conventional approaches. Because of this, there’s a vast need for treatments truly capable of improving health outcomes, especially in a timely manner.

Ketamine, Psilocybin, and MDMA research and development of potential DPS treatments have been fast tracked by the FDA and Health Canada due to their remarkable results, and many other psychedelics like LSD, Ibogaine, DMT, and 2C-B hold great promise as well. Many companies are seeking to promote their scientific findings to educate the public about these commonly misunderstood compounds and the benefits they might provide.

Our Psychedelic Public Relations Strategies

Our proven psychedelic PR and psychedelic marketing strategies have placed clients in notable media outlets and elevated thought leadership conversations in Inc, Yahoo Finance, Daily Caller, Forbes, Business Insider and more.

We’ll raise your profile on Google through our SEO efforts, and help you network with like-minded peers. Contact us today to get started.

We’re ardent advocates of advancing research and knowledge on psychedelic medicines to positively impact people’s health and lives, while removing the negative social stigma attached to them.

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