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Proven Public Relations for Startups



NisonCo is an advocacy-oriented and socially-conscious PR company serving startups in emerging industries since 2013. Our agency delivers top-notch PR services to business sectors like cannabis, where most businesses are startups. We connected these startup cannabis businesses with media outlets and established them as authorities in the industry. We can help startup businesses ascend in their field of interest.


Proven Delivery of PR Strategies to Startup Companies


NisonCo has helped over 150 cannabis companies achieve their public relations goals. We have a proven track record of helping cannabis companies enhance brand awareness. We have relationships with over 4,000 media contacts at thousands of outlets that we can leverage to tell your brand story. NisonCo provides excellent customer service while delivering cutting-edge public relations services.

Entrepreneurs established many startup businesses in 2021, many in the tech sector. These startup companies need a PR agency that effectively tells their story in the media and demonstrates that they’re leaders as industry authorities. NisonCo’s innovative PR strategies have placed our clients’ stories in prominent publications like Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, and more.


How Does NisonCo Help Startups Achieve Public Relations Goals?

NisonCo offers an array of services that enable our clients to build brand awareness, reach new customers and establish them as an industry thought leaders.

  • PR Strategy Development
  • PR Consulting
  • Access to Media Contacts
  • Award and Speaker Application Assistance
  • Media Training
  • Social Media Strategy Development
  • Customized Content Development
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Email Marketing Development

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PR illustration icon making headlines with three professionals
NisonCo's tiered PR offerings in a graph format, showing service packages at different levels, Essentials, Essentials+, Full-Service, and Corporate. All include a point of contact, a range of story pitches, and regular calls.